We LOVE the ease and convenience of the Aqua Leash! Water and a bowl, poop bags and a hook for carrying those messy used waste bags!! PLUS, best of all, my husband is able to walk our dogs again, thanks to the plastic handle. He has a disability that makes holding a regular leash difficult. He had been using a retractable leash but there’s zero control and he was pulled over once too often. But the plastic handle on the Aqua Leash is a game changer!!! He can hold it easily and because it’s a regular leash, he has control!!! We are so pleased with our Aqua Leash


The Aqua Leash is just perfect for our long walks with Kobe. Being a large active dog he gets hot and thirsty very quickly, now that we have the Aqua Leash we have water on hand all the time to keep him hydrated.

Marcelle & Kobe MW UK

We are absolutely loving the Aqua Leash as it has everything on hand for when we are either out on a short or long walk, Thanks Aqua Leash!!!Ann Parr Ann & Hollie

Ann Parr Ann & Hollie AP, N, Ireland

I always feel like a pack mule when it comes to bringing all of Keira's essentials when we go on adventures. That's why when we found this Aqua Leash, we absolutely fell in love with it!

Victoria & Keria UK

Gone are the days of trying to juggle multiple products. Cheers to one simple solution! Wonderful for a city walk or a trail jaunt.

Heather & Raku WA, USA

Black, Blue, Red


L, S/M


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