In no event shall Aqua Leash Pty Ltd be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, or consequential damages which injures you, your dog or others while using the Aqua leash to walk your dog, or in any other way that causes bodily injury whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of the Aqua Leash. You (the customer) agrees and acknowledges that the Aqua Leash should be used at your own risk and you should assess the risks individual to your pet before purchasing and using the Aqua Leash on your pet. You agree that in the event that Aqua Leash Pty Ltd is deemed liable for any harm caused, the amount which it shall be liable to you shall be limited to the cost of the product. In no event should you allow your pet to use this product unattended, nor should you leave any children unattended in the presence of this product as it may present a choking hazard.

The Aqua Leash offers both you and your dog great comfort and safety. Nevertheless: Use the Aqua Leash solely appropriately!
• Do not use the Aqua Leash to tie your dog up.
• Never use the Aqua Leash other than with your hand.
• Do not grasp the nylon webbing leash, you could get injured.
• Do not wind the nylon webbing leash around parts of your body, you may injure yourself.
• Check the collar of your dog regularly.
• Walk the dog to heel when other persons or animals approach.
• Children should not be allowed to use the Aqua Leash.
Examine your Aqua Leash before each use. Even high-quality materials are subject to wear and tear. If the nylon webbing leash gets wet, please lay it flat on the ground and allow it to dry overnight. Remove adherent dirt from the nylon webbing leash and casing before using. Strong abrasion or damages – often caused by bites – can harm nylon webbing leash. Please do not continue to use the Aqua Leash in such a case.