5 Pet Essentials All-In-One

Here at Aqua Leash headquarters, we care about the health of your dog. Did you know according to the ASPCA, dogs reach dehydration point faster than humans and this can happen in both cold and hot temperatures ? So when you and your pet are out for some daily exercise, having water on hand safeguards against dehydration and prevents health complications.

Aqua Leash has revolutionized the dog walking industry. With 5 convenient pet walking essentials all packed into one stylish unit, it stands out above the rest. We created a leash that ensures water is always on hand for your pet. The conveniently stored water container holds 350ml for those hydration top ups when you're out and about and is coupled with a collapsible bowl attached alongside. It's so discreet you'd would never know it was there.

Constructed from highly durable polypropylene, the Aqua Leash boasts smooth sleek lines and comes in a variety of colors. The heavy duty leash is available in two sizes (20 & 25mm wide) and will go the distance and handle the strongest of dogs. But wait, theres more! Not only does the Aqua Leash come with its own waste bag dispensary unit, it also offers a carrying hook for filled bags, leaving your hands free. Now thats smart!

This is no ordinary leash. Considerable thought went into designing this ergonomically engineered unit, not only did it need to perfectly contain these 5 essential pet walking must haves but also feel amazing to hold.

We know you are absolutely going to love owning an Aqua Leash so much, that you'll want to buy one for your friends and family.



Aqua Leash is happy to offer you a $10 USD discount !



Made from double strength nylon and a solid steel safety catch, comes in two sizes (20 & 25mm wide) and a can-do attitude that handles whatever life throws at it.


A collapsible water bowl clips in neatly on the side of the unit and holds 250ml.

Waste Bags

The waste bag dispenser ensures you always have waste bags on hand for easy pickups.

Water Container

A conveniently stored water bottle complete with a drip resistant cap, holds 350ml.

Quality Materials

Aqua Leash is constructed from high quality materials and is designed for easy use.


A handy hook for filled waste bags means no more messy bags to carry.

Waste Bags (1)

The Aqua Leash and water container are made from durable Polypropylene and the bowl is made from Silicone rubber both are FDA Approved food grade materials.

Waste Bags (1) (1)

Please note that the Aqua Leash is a fixed leash (nonretractable) as it provides greater control for you and your dog, and also prevents injury, as retractable leashes are outlawed in 50% of US States as well as in Canada.

Dehydration is a lack of water in the body, and can cause serious complications for pets and people alike. Water is essential to all living beings, including dogs, who depend on proper daily fluid intake to maintain appropriate health. It makes up 80 percent of your dogs body, and dissolves natural and unnatural substances as well as serves as the root of all his biological processes, including circulation, digestion and waste removal.

Carrying these items separately
can be bulky and inconvenient

Carrying these individual items can be not only bulky but also inconvenient when out for a long walk with your dog. Not only that a metal dog bowl, leash, waste bag dispenser and sports water bottle can cost you over $100! Why pay for all these bulky items when the Aqua Leash has all these items and more in one ergonomically designed unit.

Aqua Leash conveniently
combines 5 pet walking essentials


The Aqua Leash comes with all 5 pet essentials when out walking your dog without the need for carrying those bulky essentials? All of this is ergonomically designed into a single unit for less than half the cost of the items shown in the photo on the left! Choosing Aqua Leash, it's being sure to not forget anything when you bring your dog out, he will thank you, 100 times !


Here at Aqua Leash we want to change how all dogs are walked to ensure that your beloved dog never suffers from dehydration while out walking. So if you are a distributor or have a chain of pet shops anywhere in the world and would like to stock the Aqua Leash please contact us for more information.